MCCLURE, IL — Volunteers in McClure, Illinois, aren’t most effective fighting floodwater — they’re additionally fighting the summer time warmness. The Medical Reserves Corps with the Southern Seven Health Department amassed instances of water and cleaning supplies from human beings round southern Illinois during their Flood the Bus occasion to help the volunteers in McClure.

They collected more than four hundred cases of water and sports drinks to help keep the volunteers hydrated and give them desire.

“No one has a assure they’re going to have an excellent the next day or a dry the next day,” said McClure Mayor Cheryle Dillon.

That may be real. However, the volunteers in McClure do have one assure: they will have lots of water to drink Saturday.

“It’s brilliant people can be so kind. I feel blessed,” said Dillon

The water the Medical Reserve Corps gathered will help keep the volunteers going. “They must stay hydrated. They can’t exit and work for hours without whatever to drink they might skip out,” said Dillon.

Miranda Gifford dropped off six cases of water and Gatorade. She said it’s the least she can do. “It doesn’t fee a million dollars to assist out largely. So if you can do it, why not?” stated Gifford.

Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator Bobi Cavins the said she hopes this no longer simplest replenishes their bodies but also their spirits. “I wish it lets them realize we do care. There are humans in our seven counties that are worried for them and need them to get via this,” said Cavins.

The Southern Seven Health Department is likewise partnering with Koerner Distributors to supply water on Tuesday. Although the supplies were added to the McClure sandbagging operations center, they are also to be had to volunteers assisting in East Cape Girardeau.

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