The lack of a precise method to tap water/ adventure sports activities potential, reduced strength of experts, and faulty equipment have raised questions over the destiny of those exciting sports in the state.

J&K, notwithstanding having a tremendous capability to grow to be a super destination for holding water/adventure sports activities events of national and worldwide degree, has now not been able to take severe initiatives on this regard.
Bilquis Mir, a former international canoeist from the Valley and Team India coach, stated guides in water/ adventure sports had been the need of the hour to boom the electricity of national experts.

“There is not any doubt that J&K has tremendous scope for water sports, provided efforts are taken in any respect tiers to carry it on the countrywide and global map,” stated Mir, a water sports veteran and the sole Indian on the judges’ panel within the 2018 Asian Games, held in Indonesia.

“Water sports activities, like river rafting, canoeing, and many others, are being held in all three areas of the state but now not very always. Further, in the course of conduct of river rafting activities, it’s miles vital that there may be a group of water sports specialists, be it courses or divers, to make certain safety of participants,” he said.

“There should be a set criterion for experts in water sports activities, and that may best be executed if guides are delivered either in the nation or abroad. I had been associated with water sports for the past a few years and have skilled more than 300 college students from all three regions, particularly women, in this sport,” Mir said.

“It is not like each person who does a 15-day education in swimming can be deputed at water sports events. The country authorities have to make a water sports activities board to run those occasions expertly. It could also minimize the chances of tragic incidents throughout such activities,” he brought.

If you are heading to a tropical destination for your vacation or a goal at the water, then you virtually want to make the maximum of your excursion and which means picking a few entertaining water sports activities. Selecting the type of water game to revel in relies upon on what kind of things you want to do. You additionally should consider how brave you are and how adventurous you need to be while at the water. The following are a few sport alternatives that are excellent for playing when on the excursion, irrespective of your vacation destination.

Jet Skiing

One extraordinarily a laugh water sport to enjoy while on holiday is the Jet Ski. Instead of swimming or having a boat pull you round, a jet ski offers you the possibility to spend time on the cruising at excessive speeds. It is possible to do hints on the Jet Ski as well. The satisfactory element about jet skis is most locations you cross have them for rent so get right of entry to should now not be a hassle. Make positive you apprehend how a jet ski works before using one to prevent an accident.

Water snowboarding

Water skiing is a terrific game to partake in a while on the excursion. It gives the possibility to enjoy a day trip at the water on a ship, in addition to time gliding across the water at the back of the boat. When water-snowboarding, you may need someone to force the boat and someone to watch the person or humans water-skiing. Water-snowboarding is a laugh pastime that will provide you with a hurry of adrenaline while gliding in the back of a rushing boat.


Parasailing is one water sport where you spend extra time inside the air than within the water. With parasailing, you’re connected to something similar to a parachute, and a ship tows you in the back of it. You ascend into the air and get to look at each person, and everything in it. I love the water and just like the idea of doing something first strive to parasail. Like all sports, make sure you apprehend the safety precautions earlier than trying this recreation.

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