Hundreds of acres of vacant land owned using the water sources department close to 3,255 dams in Maharashtra will now be opened up for tourism and development of recreational facilities.

The policy, which changed into cleared in a country cabinet meeting on Tuesday, also allows privatization of guest houses, resthouses and bungalows close to dams and reservoirs for tourism purposes thru a public-non-public-partnership (PPP) version. This is a first-of-its-kind policy, as, up to now, improvement became constrained in those regions.

The water assets branch has 138 big dams, 255 medium, and 2,862 minor dams, and every one of them has open plots admeasuring five to 400 acres. According to officials, these plots will now be used for water sports, cruising, windsurfing, amusement park and theme park.

“We have decided to follow segment 18 and 19 and Irrigation Development Corporation Acts, 1997 (all five irrigation businesses of the country have their acts) that permit efforts to promote tourism and water sports. Nobody took the initiative inside the beyond 22 years. We are going to comply with the provisions,” stated IS Chahal, fundamental secretary, water sources department.

The authorities will demarcate restricted and controlled areas, where tourism facilities can be advanced, with a watch on safety close to dams and reservoirs. “The government has hundreds of acres of land reserved near most important dams for future enlargement of the task, to be able to be now used to sell tourism sports,” Chahal said. “Across the world, dams are opened for tourism functions. A working example is the Hoover dam in the US. We will call for bids. We plan to permit bidders to take over the land, broaden it, earn and share the sales with us.”

In August 2018, the country government formed a six-member committee headed with the aid of the govt director of the Tapi Irrigation Development Corporation and chief engineers of all five irrigation improvement agencies to publish a document on the issue. “The committee submitted a high-quality document in December 2018, following which the government has determined to go beforehand with the plan,” said a senior reputable.

Chahal said they had got 147 resthouses close to dams and reservoirs, which could not be maintained for loss of renovation presents. The policy will cope with the protection of these structures and generate employment for locals.

The nation may even look at the tourism policy of states along with Rajasthan and Kerala to put together its gentle report.

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