A week after being warned using the President of the USA not to “disrespect” her u. S ., Megan Rapinoe says her willingness to speak out makes her “extraordinarily American.”

The USA winger became criticized by way of Donald Trump after video emerged of her pronouncing she could now not go to the White House need to the US to win the Women’s World Cup. That announcement, along with the truth that she has inside the beyond knelt for the countrywide anthem in protest in opposition to racial injustice in the States, led a few critics to call her anti-American. On Wednesday, Rapinoe brushed off the one’s claims.

“I think that I’m particularly and uniquely and very deeply American,” Rapinoe instructed reporters. “If we need to speak approximately the ideals that we stand for, all of the songs and the anthem and kind of what we were based on, I suppose I’m extremely American.”

The 33-yr-old Rapinoe has been outspoken approximately LGBTQ rights as well as racial and gender equality. She is likewise one of the most prominent voices in the US group’s warfare with their federation over equal pay. The California native has additionally raised money for victims of the wildfires that hit her home country closing 12 months.

“I suppose I stand for honesty, for reality and for trying to have the verbal exchange,” she stated. “And for searching on the united states of America genuinely and announcing, sure, we are a high-quality u. S. And there are numerous things which are so remarkable, and I feel fortunate to be on this united states. I’m in no way be capable of doing that in a whole lot of different places.

“But additionally, that doesn’t imply that we will get better, That doesn’t imply that we shouldn’t always attempt to be higher. I suppose that this country became founded on a variety of superb beliefs, but it changed into also based on slavery. And I assume we want to be truly sincere about that and be open in talking about that, so we can reconcile that and hopefully circulate ahead and make this united states better for everyone.”

Rapinoe neglected Tuesday’s semi-final victory over England with a hamstring strain however says she expects to be fit for the World Cup very last on Sunday. She has five goals to date within the match, just one at the back of the leading scorers, her teammate Alex Morgan and England’s Ellen White.

If America does refuse a go to to the White House, they would be following within the footsteps of the Golden State Warriors, who did no longer meet with the President after prevailing the NBA championship, and the Philadelphia Eagles, who skipped the experience after triumphing Super Bowl LII. Other US championship teams have visited Trump even though a few players on almost every one of those groups have selected to live away. Rapinoe’s teammates Becky Sauerbrunn and Morgan have also said that they’ll not attend the White House. The US met with Barack Obama once they received the World Cup in 2015. Trump has stated he’s going to invite the crew to the White House whether or not they win or lose.

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