Ordinarily, the put up-round brew is a peaceful tonic, even if you just published triple digits. It’s a time to relax, recap, and have fun inside the camaraderie of man and female. Sometimes, however, the beer turns bitter, as it did for these first-rate, upstanding gentleman who grew to become a relaxing 19th-hole hangout into WWE Raw following allegations of the most serious clubhouse nature. Honestly, we don’t have tons more context than what we’ve already furnished, but it is two grown guys beating the crap out of every other in a golfing-y context, so we think you will forgive us.

It probable goes without announcing, however, the fella inside the grey trunks and flips flops defeats Mr Boat Shoes by TKO, beginning his Heavyweight Asshat belt defence with a vicious head butt earlier than placing his opponent through a window (assume a bill). He then quick ends the bout by raining blows upon the very mug that moments in the past become calling him a thief and a cheater and didn’t care who knew it. Meanwhile, the genuine hero—the character with the camera, per normal—maintains matters are rolling regardless of the protestations of grey shorts buddies who recognize phrases like “civil in shape” and “proof.” Thank you, sir. The net thank you.

So what’s the ethical of the tale ultimately? Respect the Game™, don’t cheat, and if you call out a dude for being a cheat, anticipate him to fight like one, even inside the DMZ, this is the neighbourhood clubhouse. Oh, and subsequent time a person tells you to admire your elders simply due to the fact they are older, display them this.

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