“In theory, idea and practice are the equal. In exercise, they are no longer.”

So stated Yale undergraduate Benjamin Brewster within the February 1882 version of his college mag. It is an observation that has stood the check of time – and but every other that reveals a cushty in shape within the modern political machinations of Welsh rugby.

It took a brief assertion from Cardiff Athletic Club early on Thursday to spotlight the above, as the owners of the Arms Park went public with a call for that Cardiff Blues settle outstanding rent arrears believed to stand at around £140,000.

Earlier this 12 months, the Blues had been at the High Court averting a polishing off order over an unpaid tax invoice.

Then final month they left their education complex at the Vale Resort, where they have been resident for extra than a decade. They also are stated to have fallen behind on hire payments there.

Ironically, those violent episodes have all happened inside approximately six months of the Welsh Rugby Union and the areas signing off so-known as Project Reset, the new deal that becomes meant to herald a generation of, amongst other matters, stability, co-operation, and monetary sustainability.

The dictionary definition of the phrase reset reads for that reason: “An act or instance of putting, adjusting, or solving something in a new or one of a kind way.”

Well, the cutting and adjusting – the theoretical element – went off reasonably smoothly. The solving – the aspect that may handiest be done in exercise – is proving a long way extra tricky, it appears to me.

As part of this rebooting of the governance of the professional sport we had been advised, no longer least with the aid of WRU chairman Gareth Davies, that there might be an give up to the “grasp-pupil dating” that had characterized the antique Rugby Services Agreement (RSA) drawn up under the jurisdiction of the union’s previous regime.

That, said Davies, had been approximately significant control, but the new Professional Rugby Agreement (PRA), the formal name for Reset, become almost anyone (the WRU and the four areas that are) being “in it collectively.”

Elite rugby in Wales might now be overseen by way of the Professional Rugby Board (PRB) which could incorporate two WRU representatives, one from each place and two independents.

Davies talked enthusiastically approximately all and sundry working together to generate money, everyone running smarter, all and sundry pooling commercial information and potential sponsorship opportunities.

The former Wales fly-half also mentioned that within the past, there have been “duplication in terms of substances to the regions and Wales.” That – whatever it turned into precisely – could stop, he vowed.

Nobody stated the formation of this rainbow coalition would be a cure for all problems, but, to place it kindly, the last six months have proven us it is likely to be some time before Project Reset yields the blessings its creators had in thoughts. If it ever does in any respect.

The commercial enterprise on the Blues isn’t the most useful indicator.

At the Ospreys, there may be currently an impasse over a brand new agreement for Alun Wyn Jones. The situation is stated to be complicated, however underneath the pay bands brought in by the PRA, a player of Jones’ stature is entitled to command an income of up to £450,000.

The problem is that Jones is 33 and best performed ten games for the Ospreys ultimate yr due to the fact he’s at a level of his career where recreation control is essential. Most pertinently of all though, is that with twin contracts having been ditched, the Ospreys themselves are now chargeable for funding his whole pay packet.

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