GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro’s Jeff and Marianne Cook are professional frame builders and they’re also owners of Team Cook Fitness, wherein they enjoy training customers and seeing exceptional modifications.

However, a number of the issues he got into as a youngster driven him on a distinct route. What started to get him again on the proper foot? A spiritual software called Teen Challenge in Jacksonville, Florida — the same program his brother graduated from.

“It modified his lifestyles, I knew it might change mine,” Breeding said. “January 14, 2012, is when I commonplace God in my life and my coronary heart.”

Shortly after that is while Breeding started falling in love with running out and bodybuilding, after being misdirected in the course of his first 12 months of competition and placing remaining in both of his divisions, he instructed himself he changed into going to return robust and get a first location trophy.

“It’s fantastic how many lives we get to the touch,” Marianne stated. “The friendships that we’ve constructed with our clients and their families, just seeing them turn their fitness around is so cool.”

While Jeff became in the Marine Corps, he assisted in training fellow Marines to be in the satisfactory possible form, and while he got out of the Corps, Jeff was searching out something to push himself to the restrict and he determined it in frame constructing.

“The demanding situations I face as a bodybuilder to get equipped for opposition are effortless as mentally disturbing at instances and bodily as nicely,” he stated.

And a massive thrill now’s when Jeff and Marianne get to compete in the same show as they did currently in Greensboro where Jeff took first in his magnificence and 2nd overall, at the same time as Marianne took 2nd in her elegance, 2nd usual.

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