Indian hockey has determined itself in a crisis in phrases of a system within the aftermath of the Pulwama assault. The developing tension among India and Pakistan has caused a difficulty in importing hockey sticks from across the border, by a document via The Indian Express.

With the Indian government getting rid of Pakistan from its Most Favoured Nation listing and the subsequent upward thrust in customs obligation to 2 hundred%, it has come to be nearly impossible to export items to India. With the general public of sports activities true producers in India focusing their groups on cricket, Pakistan turned into providing 90% of the hockey sticks that were used in India.

In 2015-sixteen, the Department of Commerce anticipated the price of sticks imported from Pakistan to be Rs 24.48 lakh. This determines it jumped to Rs 2 crore through December 2018, persevered the record.

A large purpose for Indian players’ choice for the Pakistani hockey sticks is the sheer difference in satisfactory. “A ball hit with the pleasure to be had Indian stick travels at a speed of 80-90 kmph while even the second one-high-quality Pakistani stick will ship the ball flying at approximately a hundred and forty mph. There is a sizeable difference in best,” The Indian Express quoted a former countrywide train as saying.

Indian manufacturers have argued that the difficulty in acquiring raw materials is the purpose of the terrible nice of hockey sticks. But with Pakistani items being taken out of the picture, they see a possibility to tap into the market.

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