WITH more celebrated cyclists on the roads, it’s a well-timed reminder for both cyclists and motorists to share the way, accurately.

Toogoolawah Police Station officer in rate Sergeant John Cumner stated it changed into essential each party has been aware of the policies and legal guidelines when commuting and sharing the road.

From passing with adequate space, to drink driving and bike protection, there are plenty of laws each event want to be aware of.

Sgt Cumner stated it was a matter of all road customers being courteous to every other, whether they have been in a car, on a motorbike or driving a horse.

Senior Constable Claire Heptinstall stated the Toogoolawah police were actively policing motorcycle protection.

She said the updated rules ensured drivers were permitting bicycle riders plenty of room while passing or they risked dropping three demerit points and being slapped with a $378 satisfactory. When touring in 60km/h zones or less, motorists are required to be one metre from cyclists. On roads zoned extra than 60km/h, travellers are required to be at the least 1.5m from cyclists.

“That means the widest part of your car, that is commonly the wing mirror, to the widest part of the motorcycle,” Sen-Constable Heptinstall said.

“But, if you’re towing a trailer or horse go with the flow, the widest part of the trailer, go with the flow or car wishes to be a complete metre away.”

Some of the fines:

* Riding without a helmet $133

* Failing to prevent at a stop sign $133

* Riding a bicycle the usage of apart from the seat position $133

* Failing to prevent earlier than riding across a kid’s or pedestrian crossing $133

* Failing to keep at the least one hand on the handlebars $133

* Riding a bicycle now not at the left of a footpath or shared course $133

Passing correctly

IN addition to the spacing necessities, the law now allows motorists to go double white lines or painted islands to pass cyclists – if secure to achieve this.

Sen-Constable Heptinstall stated the provision changed into an installed area to allow motorists to bypass with security clearances.

“It becomes put in the vicinity so humans didn’t preserve to pressure at cyclists due to the fact they ‘couldn’t get around’,” she said.

“If motorists can not skip accurately, they want to power slowly and patiently in the back of the cyclist till it’s miles safe to overhaul – similar to in case you desired to skip a sluggish-shifting car.”

Rules also blanketed drink-riding.

“If you are in control of any movable automobile, which includes a horse or a motorcycle, it’s miles an offence to be intoxicated, and they’re subject to drink using legal guidelines,” she said.

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