Football is a sport that is continuously in flux.

From training approaches to formations, tactics and varieties of play, what was the norm even only a few years ago can look outdated in recent times.

New ideas are available, and all at once, players, managers or even pundits are left looking like guys out of time, relics of the flat cap generation that have not moved with the modern day game.

Which is why all this soccer hipster lexicography it’s crept into the game of overdue is so troubling.

These things have a way of organising themselves. Hell, it wasn’t that lengthy in the past that phrases like ‘target-guy’ and ‘overlapping full-backs’ seemed like evidence of sorcery

Does that suggest that in a few years, everyone in the pub might be casually dropping phrases like ‘register’, ‘trequartista’ and ‘raumdeuter’ without getting rightly destroyed for being an absolute weapon?

What next? Is *everybody* going to be beardy? Will all of us have the same sleeve tattoos and exhaustive know-how of the German 1/3 division? Urgh.

Sadly, the Football Scotland office isn’t immune to those a laugh-vacuums, so the ones phrases are bandied approximately on a reasonably ordinary foundation. What do they mean, although?

Well, we’re going to explain all of them, in a standard series starting right here with Graeme Souness’ favoured – The Low Block.

The low block is a protecting tactic wherein a crew defends from a high position on the pitch, meaning they then restrict the amount of space the opposition has to exploit. As a result, opposing groups tend to find it tons tougher to attain because of the shortage of room to perform in vital areas of the pitch.

Remember Jose Mourinho’s notorious “parking the bus” insult at Tottenham some year in the past? That, however with a new technical name that lets in managers and fans to have the ability to mention their team is doing it without admitting they may be playing football that makes you want to poke your eyes out with a stick.


Around seventy-five % of shots scored will come from in the field, so limiting the amount of space and time at the ball the opposition have in there may be a no-brainer. Give all of them they want within the broad regions; however, as soon as they are threatening your box? Give them nothing and don’t let them acquire the ball everywhere near your goal. It’s simple and effective. Drag yes, honking to examine, indeed it’s miles. But practical and straightforward too.

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