Annamarie Phelps, the new chair of the British Horseracing Authority, stated on Tuesday that the authority might be “the use of all our connections and competencies to get something as a way to paintings” if the UK is faced with a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.

Phelps, who represented Great Britain at rowing on the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, is a former vice-chair of the British Olympic Association. She spent five years as the chair of British Rowing before taking up on the BHA on 1 June,, and Brexit is just one of the issues that Phelps need to confront as she begins to her tenure as racing’s maximum senior administrator.

“It looks like it’s going to appear, whether or not you consider it or no longer,” Phelps said on Tuesday. “We genuinely don’t need to have a hiccup and feature British racing come to a halt due to the fact we can’t get French horses in or Irish horses in, or vice-versa.

“I suppose we’ve were given a large quantity of guide and know-how in authorities,, and we did manage to drag some thing out of the bag final time [in March] when it became presupposed to appear, while we were given a temporary deal so we should then start to observe the longer-term implications.

“Like all these things, nobody virtually concept it thru. The idea of Brexit become a lovely mythical land we had been all going to land in, no one theory approximately the fact and that’s what we have to think thru now. We’re in a terrific role to be lobbying and asking questions, and I desire we’ll be capable of coming up with at least a brief-time period resolution.

“The French and the Irish also are very keen, it’s no longer us affected by this, and it’s going to affect those nations on either aspect people too. I’m quite sure remaining time there has been a real willingness with the French to need to make it paintings with the British racing industry, and I’m certain the Irish could be simply the identical. We’ll be the use of all our connections and competencies to try to get something on the way to work.”

Phelps had earlier heard Chris Wright, a main proprietor-breeder, tell them once a year fashionable meeting of the Racehorse Owners’ Association that a good deal nonetheless needs to be achieved ahead of the present day closing date for the UK’s departure from the EU.

“When the selection was given deferred once more remaining time, all the optimistic conversations that had been happening tended to get shelved,” Wright stated, “on the idea that it had long gone away. But it hasn’t long gone away and it’s far going to come back, and is possible to return and hit us very tough on 31 October.

“The enterprise is running very tough with Defra and the authorities in widespread to see what we can do approximately this, however alas we’re now not the automobile industry or the aeronautical enterprise and the government can also produce other priorities.

“There are major troubles. Will our horses be capable of journey? There is a felony element, and also a real issue. If there are delays at ports, it might be alright for certain products; however it’s not o.K. For a racehorse about to run in a Group One in Paris the next day.

“There’s additionally a problem with stable workforce, and with transportation as properly. In a no-deal Brexit, normal British transporters will now not be capable of operating in Europe. You’d need to get a licence to operate in Europe, and that’s something most trainers gained’t get their heads around doing. That means you’ll possibly rely on transporters from the EU coming here to pick out up horses and take them [back] to Europe.”



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