Petersburg’s Independence Day celebration gets commenced, Wednesday, July 3rd. The scrap fish derby starts things off from 11 a.M. To 1 p.M. In North Harbor. A barbeque and the network fireworks display cap off the day’s activities. In among, there’s a whole afternoon of amusing hosted by using Petersburg’s Lighthouse Assembly of God Church on principal street.

It’s the fourth yr for the popular contests designed to check your dancing movements, ingesting capacity and basketball abilities.

Joe Viechnicki spoke with Nathan Lopez, that church’s pastor and an organizer of the day.

The community center celebration and Slavin memorial fish fry might be from 6-eight p.M. Wednesday at the network gymnasium. The fireworks show begins at eleven p.M. At the ballfields.

The theme for Petersburg’s birthday party this yr is “Rock Your Freedom.” The main road may be closed to automobiles round 9 a.M.- 6 p.M. Each Wednesday and Thursday, July third and 4th, booths could be open those days after 10 a.M.

For a preview of the amusing at the agenda for the next day July 4th, Joe Viechnicki spoke with more than one the occasion organizers, Parks and Recreation director Chandra Thornburg and the Chamber of Commerce’s Mara Lutomski.

It became about time no longer about me or any other individual. Street Games had been now not handiest a shape of pastime; however, a terrific way to learn to get in conjunction with others. A trait we wanted and used for the rest of our lives. If you wanted to play, you needed to comply with obey a set of regulations laid down by way of yourselves or via earlier generations. If you have been no longer willing to get along you both were given beat – up or you didn’t have all people to play with.

Street video games with street regulations had been particular in that “Parents” were no wherein to be determined. A group of children could accumulate together. Hang around for awhile after which decide to, “Let’s play mumbly peg.” No parents had been asked if it changed into OK. Or, if we may want to. Parents had been invisible (much like ladies after sunset). How inside the global did we ever understand what to do without parental recommendation and participation? And yet most of us never went to jail. That’s due to the fact you usually knew who was at home.

So, off to play mumbly peg. If you did not have you pen knife with you, you headed domestic and got yours. Where they ever got here from I don’t know. But, in some way, we had a penknife. Four -5 of us could accumulate together and play. You can Google mumbly peg and catch up on the concept of the game. Kind of a removal recreation, when you, in the end, couldn’t do one of the knife tricks you had been gone, out! No arguing, fussing or getting mad, you were just out.

Mumbley peg, accompanied marbles which observed kite flying which followed water weapons, which changed into sandwiched somewhere between yo-yos. It became an amusement cycle. You knew what time of year it grew by way of what all of the gang become doing. And, it was as predictable as the sunrise. Where did we escape from being children who were participants instead of spectators?

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