I am retiring. It’s my time.

And, as such I am going to settle my accounts with suppliers, sell my inventory and most of my collections and holdings to the new shop owner, who is opening a store in London, KY which will be called:

Main Street Games & Comics, LLC.
1106 South Main Street
London, KY 40741

We will service your Comic Subscriptions at our current location on Hill Street until the end of February. After that, your subscriptions and new comics will be available at the new store.

They will be opening on March 1st, if not earlier. We will be moving fixtures and inventory to their location starting this week.

Worried? Don’t be. Kristin, Haylee, Devlin, Derrick, and Andrew will be the same retail team at the new store. You just won’t see me there, much. I am taking a part-time job with them to ease the transition for ordering games and comics, and teach the new owner the ropes.

We are transferring all current comic subscribers to the new shop. By current, I mean all pull customers who are not delinquent in picking up comics. Since they are retaining my entire staff, you will see Kristin, Derrick, Devlin, Haylee, and Andrew in the new shop, handling your subscriptions and such. Same great team, same great service. No interruptions of comic subscriptions.

If you do not wish to have them continue your comic subscription, just let me know by email or FB message, and I will have them remove you.

The fixtures and merchandise that the new owner does not take will be sold at discounts that will SHOCK you, so come in often and see what is on sale. I have tons of fixtures and even gaming tables we will be selling. Currently: All New & Back Issue Comics, even the expensive stuff in the display cases, are 50% off. Yeah, huge savings to be had right now on COMICS.

Our goal is to be out of this location no later than February 28th, so I am motivated to move or sell everything. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing chairs, displays, racks or even some of the custom Gaming Tables we had made.

To answer some questions:
Tokens for store credit are redeemable up until May 31st of this year.

I am retiring due to health issues and my desire to spend time with my grandchild, travel to see my oldest son and go fishing this summer. I will be working for the new store some hours each week helping the new owner learn to do orders, etc. After that, I will only be doing live sales each day or some days.

While the new store is smaller, they will still be carrying all the best items, such as D&D and Pathfinder, Magic, Pokemon, and Yugioh as well as board games and miniatures. Comics and Graphic Novels will be expanded. There will be dedicated to gaming space. Many new products will be added.

These are exciting times for the crew here. I hope you are excited about them. The new location, in the same plaza as Masters Donuts, has much higher visibility. Hope to see you at the gaming tables.

Remnants of items in the store the new owners will not have room to move to the new location are going to be liquidated. We have arranged for an auctioneer to come in on February 26th, and do an auction of all remaining stock, fixtures, and tools. This will start at NOON on Tuesday, February 26th. If you are interested in amazing deals, that will be the day to be here!!

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