Legends of Martial Arts is a six component series for students to satisfy and interact with top notch pioneers within the world of martial arts. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona each one-day event gives an intimate schooling revel in with one-of-a-kind martial arts masters from varied lineages. These workshops disclose novices and people of all belt stages to numerous self-defense techniques. Don’t leave out the approaching event this Saturday, March ninth with Hanshi George Alexander.

These closing occasions (March 9th & May 11th) consist of a meet and greet with the trainer along with concept and sensible utility. No prior enjoy is required and attendees can pick out to observe or take part. Martial Arts lovers and those new to the shape will revel in mastering the signature forms of an exceptional lineup which incorporates Hanshi George Alexander and Richard Ryan. Previous teachers of this series have covered Cynthia Rothrock, Dana Abbott and Kevin Cullen.

About the Martial Arts Legends
Hanshi George Alexander is a grandmaster from New York who has practiced martial arts on account that 1960. He trained in Combat Judo for 4 years and later karate while serving in the United States Marine Corps, in which he have become referred to as a rugged fighter. He is a adorned veteran, having served as a crew leader with america Marine’s 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company in Viet Nam. He is thought for main jungle groups to gather intelligence statistics at the same time as stationed at Dong Ha in 1967 and 1968. He is an carried out trainer with a long time of international teaching credentials and experience, which makes the March nine event a unique and uncommon possibility.

Hanshi Alexander is the President and Founder of the International Shorin Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation and referred to as the “World Pioneer of Shorin Ryu Karate.” His March 9 workshop will attention on Shorin Ryu Karate, one of the oldest and most conventional kinds of Okinawan martial artwork.

Master Richard Ryan is identified as an expert on non-public safety and truth-primarily based martial arts. His seminar on May eleven will cognizance on easy, fast and powerful self defense strategies. He has a compelling background; all of the men in his circle of relatives had been wrestlers. His grandfather changed into a champion boxer and police captain who taught protective techniques for the FBI. Master Ryan describes himself as a shy and lanky boy afflicted with allergies. His curiosity and preference to conquer those deficiencies endorsed him to begin wrestling and boxing whilst he became eight years vintage.

Today, Master Ryan is the founder of three powerful structures: Dynamic Combat Method (DCM), Tactical Defense Training for regulation enforcement and the army and Quick Defense Training, a self defense and crime prevention application. Master Ryan directs combat choreography for TV and films with Dynamic Combat Stuntworks.

Why Legends? More approximately Soke Harley SwiftDeer Reagan
Soke Harley SwiftDeer Reagan turned into a martial arts champion and held levels and honorable achievements in several martial arts structures, most brilliant Chulukua-Ryu, Jiu Jitsu and Karate. Before his passing in 2013, he practiced and taught complete martial arts styles for over 50 years.

Soke Reagan was a spiritual trainer for masses of people over the route of his existence. Blending the awareness from many historical traditions around the world, he inspired humans to find recovery and a path with heart. He encouraged human beings to question the whole thing, and to find out their personal manner to personal empowerment.

Soke Reagan’s attention on non secular development along bodily conditioning illustrated the vital connection between the 2. Strengthening the frame and being capable of guard oneself from harm are critical to advancing religious, mental and emotional adulthood and intelligence. People who educate their bodily our bodies experience a more relaxed mind, reduced worry and extra presence in all arenas in their lives. Soke Reagan’s course in the world established that ongoing self-defense education empowers human beings to aid person liberty and freedom.

Legacy: Why is it important?
The Legends of Martial Arts honors the legacy of Soke Reagan, founder of the Ten No Kishi Dojo and DTMMS, who recommended his students to seek understanding that works from different traditions. When people are willing to appearance past they find out first rate assets of know-how. Embodying this type of flexibility allows humans live with extra braveness, compassion and safety.

The martial arts masters featured on this workshop collection have all made enormous contributions to martial arts. None of them remain fixed inner a container of boundaries because they are open to and help all forms of martial arts. There is not any one “way.” There many methods and paths that lead to non secular awareness and compassion closer to others.

Other Legend Masters
Cynthia Rothrock is an motion film famous person as well as a martial artist. She is appeared as the undisputed “Queen of Martial Arts films.” She holds five Black Belts in some distance japanese martial disciplines which include Tang Soo Do (Korean), Tae Kwon Do (Korean), Eagle Claw (Chinese), Wu Shu (contemporary Chinese) and Northern Shaolin (classical Chinese). She is most of the select few who have been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame and Inside Kung-Fu Hall of Fame. She is blanketed within the Martial Arts Gallery of Fame and “The Martial Arts Sourcebook” in addition to different massive martial arts reference books.

Hanshi Dana Abbott studied in Japan for 15 years and acquired the esteemed rank of Shihan at the Hombu dojo in Yokohama. He has authored five books, designed a US patent, and holds severa honors and awards. His seventh Degree Black Belt is in Kenjutsu, a form of Japanese Swordsmanship. He travels the world carrying out extensive workshops on palms-on sensible applications, kata, combatives and traditional techniques.

Hanshi Kevin Cullen has educated in Goju Karate for forty seven years. He has produced several self-published books and training DVDs on Ateru Goju Ryu Karate Jutsu. In his seminars he teaches intensive close combat, kata interpretation and his one-of-a-kind five-Hands machine. He has traveled and taught in Japan, Germany, the Caribbean, throughout america, Beijing and the Northern Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, China. He has trained U.S. Army Rangers, Marines, SEAL Team 3 and five individuals, Secret Service, Diplomatic Security Service federal officials, 4 UFC fighters from pay-per-view, LA RAMPART, local SWAT and local law enforcement experts.

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, known for his exceptional left leg that was once clocked in extra of 60 mph, is the undefeated Professional Karate Association (PKA) Middleweight Champion and has produced more than one books and DVDs. He had a 15-yr career in event and full touch combating before retiring in 1980. He is one of the maximum popular martial arts figures and the author of 3 books.

Personal Awareness Warrior Program
Personal Awareness Warrior (PAW) is a software that has partnered with DTMMS to deliver Legends of Martial Arts to the Ten No Kishi Dojo in Scottsdale, Arizona. The PAW software trains the mind, body and spirit to be aware to possible risks earlier than they end up threats. Students are trained in an expansion of unarmed and armed self protection techniques so they’re continually fully prepared to shield themselves and others in conditions that call for this skillset.

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