Sociedad has taken a step further to extend their support for sports enthusiasts across the globe. For two weeks from the end of February to March 2019, the Spanish club invited children from the NGO YUWA to San Sebastian to train with the expert coaches from the club in their efforts to spread the love for the sport.

Beyond sports Ten players, future coaches, and two existing coaches, accompanied by a tutor and the director of the NGO are being given the opportunity to hone their skills under the direct guidance of mentors from Real Sociedad. Throughout two weeks, they will stay at the Mayo Olarain School and be part of programs that will ensure a holistic growth which goes beyond sports and teach the knowledge; these future coaches can pass down to sportsmen and women of India.

Direct connect This initiative aims at building a direct connection with the aspiring footballers in rural India making sure deserving talents get access to world-class training. In addition to football classes, they are also exposed to the Zubieta curriculum of education along with others living at the Olarain Residence Hall, giving them an opportunity to continue their studies.

Experience In their free time they are let to explore the city, understand local culture and practice water sports, making their stay an unforgettable experience. Real Sociedad Fundazioa Director Andoni Iraola, a Director, said, “The YUWA project is critical to us. We have been collaborating with them over the last two years and what we are doing, together with other collaborators, is changing the lives of these young people.

Impact in India “These girls, who are leaders in their communities in India, are learning a way to train and a methodology that they will implement back home and, above all, they are learning values, and a way of living that will later have an impact in India. Real Sociedad has its fundamental lever in football, but we are aware that our strength and responsibility go beyond football, and this project is an example of that commitment,” Iraola added.

They have invested heavily. Additionally, La Liga has invested heavily into promoting the growth of football in India, with various initiatives being taken in the region. La Liga Football Schools across the country, with leading Spanish coaches from the state are coaching young Indian students, all La Liga matches from 2018/19 season are available for free for Indian audiences on Facebook Watch, and Girona FC traveled to India for pre-season games.

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