The Netherland’s climate ambassador, who cycled multiple hours in Abu Dhabi’s hot weather on Tuesday morning, said that human beings within the UAE could cycle to work, even throughout the summertime, if employers assist it and offer suitable centres.

Marcel Beukeboom, Ambassador-at-big for Climate, promotes cycling as a healthy manner of transportation and approach to visitors troubles and more great weather other issues.
Beukeboom said that when he isn’t always talking approximately sustainability; he might be the use of the maximum sustainable mode of transportation: biking.

“Yesterday morning, I went to the Al Hudayriat cycle song, and I skilled cycling myself,” he advised the Emirates News Agency, WAM, in a one of a kind interview at Masdar City.

He cycled forty km in 1:15 hours alongside along with his colleague Wouter Wormgoor, Senior Policy Officer of Dutch Climate Campaign Team. They rented motorcycles from Yas Cycles, a famous motorbike store in Abu Dhabi, and started at 6:15 am.

“We needed to forestall at 7:30 am [because of rising temperature], however, believe, even in those instances, when you have to work at 7:00 am, why now not cycle half of an hour [to workplace]? Here, you need the assistance of your agency,” Beukeboom said.

The organisation should provide shower facilities and dressing rooms in the administrative centre to encourage the group of workers to cycle in the summer time, he advised.

“Then he [or she] will have wholesome and fit employees. That is some thing beneficial for all and sundry,” the envoy explained.

However, he thinks that cycling is feasible in the morning and evening most effective inside the UAE’s warm weather.

“In the centre of the day in June or July inside the UAE you need to now not perhaps sit on a bicycle. Still, there are many greater options to apply for short distances as a wholesome mode of transportation,” stated the climate ambassador who became within the capital to attend the Abu Dhabi Climate Meeting.

He stated that he was no longer satisfied with the recognition of biking throughout the globe, even though it could be prevalent in you. S.

According to the ‘Cycling Facts 2018,’ which is issued via the Government of the Netherlands, bicycles [23 million] outnumber the residents of the country [17 million].

“People in the Netherlands are born on a bicycle! In our united states, there are more bicycles than humans. We use bicycles for the entirety. Still, we may want to go higher,” Beukeboom said.
There are avoidable traffic blocks within the Netherlands because some humans still use vehicles for brief distances, he introduced.

Beukeboom is a member of the Council for Climate Change and Environment of the UAE, which was shaped as part of the you. S. A .’s efforts to fulfil the United Nations’ SDG 13 that targets to take an urgent movement to address climate alternate and its influences.

The UAE and the Netherlands have many things in commonplace, most significantly “a trading spirit” an excellent way to assist both parties utilise new enterprise opportunities bobbing up out of rising solutions to weather change, Beukeboom brought.

As the weather ambassador, he has a position in building countrywide networks and coalitions, translating the Paris Agreement on Climate Change into concrete outcomes.

He stated the agreement itself is ambitious, and there’s no need of a more aspiring deal in the meantime. “You ought to distinguish matters here: first, it goals to restrict the temperature growth to at least one. Five ranges Celsius, 2nd, we need to adapt to the changing weather. Of route, we should find sources to try this,” the envoy stated.

In that manner, Beukeboom said, the dreams of the agreement are ideal. “The different factors are our very own obligations to get there. If we add up all those plans, we can reach there. We must inspire every different [to achieve the goals],” he concluded.

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