BEMIDJI — Kids Night paired with Midseason Championship Night at Bemidji Speedway on Sunday, with eight training of automobiles racing on the dust oval and the Northern Renegade Wingless Sprints becoming a member of the field.

Eighty-nine motors packed the pits for a season-first-rate crowd. During intermission, fans joined the cars at the song to satisfy the drivers, and youngsters walked out with autographs, images, and prizes.

The subsequent Kids Night might be held in August, and the racing next resumes at 5 p.M. Sunday, July 7.
Wissota Pure Stock Feature

Nic Jessen led 20 motors from the pole with Bonnie Farrington to his right. Farrington grabbed the early lead in baroque style. Michael Roth raced up from his 1/3-row outdoor begin to take the second. Josh Berg, Jessen, and Dusty Caspers followed within the top five.

Farrington and Roth stayed out front while the three via six automobiles alternated spots earlier than the first caution waved.

The discipline becomes reset, and Farrington led the sphere to the green flag. Roth raced into the lead for the final laps of the race, and he cruised to his 2nd function of the summer at Bemidji.

Farrington raced her pleasant race of the summer to take second with Berg, Kevin Baumgarner, and Kade Leeper also inside the pinnacle five.
Wissota Mod Four Feature

Garrett Mazurka took the early lead over Conrad Schwinn, Dean Shaver, Mitch Hribar, and Blake Erickson.

Hribar wasted little time racing up into 1/3 while Adam Prieve charged up from his fourth-row begin into the top five. Charging down the front straight, Hribar took the pinnacle spot and raced by Mazurka for the lead.

Schwinn took control of 2nd, and Prieve followed internal for 0.33 as Hribar took the checkered flag for the win, his first of the summer at Bemidji Speedway. Schwinn, Prieve, Mazurka, and Shaver respectively accompanied.
Wissota Midwest Modified Feature

Darrin Lawler held the early lead, even as Brandon Bahr raced up into second and Aaron Blacklance third. Lawler fought off several Bahr demanding situations, and Blacklance charged up beside Bahr to push Lawler to the limits.

A caution slowed the heated battle for a restart, and again Lawler held his line to live out the front, however sooner or later Blacklance raced high and round. The flow powered him to his first victory at Bemidji Speedway in 2019.

Lawler held on for 2d with Bahr, Jeff Nelson and Skyler Smith inside the top five.
Wissota Super Stocks Feature

Dalton Carlson and Tim Carlson led a small however dynamic field at the start. Dalton powered into the lead, and through lap three, it became an unmarried-report chase of Dalton.

Dexton Koch raced big round Matt Sparby for 2d as Harley Kroening and Tim Carlson waged a race for fourth.

Dalton Carlson raced on to claim his first characteristic of the summer at Bemidji with Koch, Sparby Tim Carlson, and Kroening within the pinnacle 5.
Wissota Modified Feature

John Farrington and Tim Jackson led the sector to the green flag, with Jackson powering to the lead first.

Jackson and Farrington pulled away from the sphere for a private duel for the lead as Josh Beaulieu, and Lance Schilling raced in the hot movement for 1/3.

Beaulieu and Schilling placed on a show for the fans, racing door-to-door, but it changed into Jackson who held his lead for the win. Schilling, Farrington, Beaulieu, and Erickson rounded out the pinnacle 5.
Wissota Hornet Feature

Cody Buchanan had an early lead with Ross Magnuson, Travis Olafson, Andrew Hansen, and Snirt Thundercloud chasing.



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